“Partnering with Wisdom Seekers has been a game changer for both my speaking/training business, as well as our national networking group. Jeff, Cathy, and Chase have simply taught me to “let go” so I could focus on serving my clients and growing the business. Wisdom Seekers has tremendous expertise in operations specific to database management, social media, communication, administration, and technology. If you lead a speaking, training, or coaching business, I highly recommend hiring Wisdom Seekers to lead your operation so you can focus on what you do best – serve your clients.”
~ Michael Goldberg, CSP, Founder – Knockout Networking, THE Networking Group

Jeff has been invaluable in helping me create a new website. He has exceptional writing and project management skills. In addition, Jeff is willing to go the extra mile to make certain all bases are covered. Jeff is a true treasure and I’m thrilled to partner with him.”
~ Bonnie Reiner, BHR Training Solutions

“The help and guidance from Jeff and his team has been tremendous.”
~ Ron Shuali, M.Ed.

 Jeff is an intelligent, hard-working, and effective virtual assistant. He has managed all contracting, scheduling, billing, and program logistics for my speaking engagements for more than 10 years. My clients continually rave about how personable and efficient he is. He also provides much editing and writing support for my publications. He manages my projects and my newsletter. I can always count on him to come through for me and get a job done. I highly recommend him as a strong support for professional speakers and authors.
~ Susan Fitzell, M. Ed., CSP – Aim Hi Educational Programs, LLC

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 Jeff keeps me focused and keeps my business running. Jeff and I met in 2009 and casually kept in touch. When the time presented itself almost a year later, I contacted him and we began to work together – slowly at first. Since then, he has demonstrated the ability to work quickly, think on his feet, and connect with my clients in a seamless manner. His level of integrity and attention to detail is second to none. He manages his time and his support staff exceptionally well so that when something needs to be accomplished — I know it will be done and done RIGHT.
~ Gregg Gregory, CSP – Teams Rock, LLC

 I have worked with Jeff Sullivan in several capacities since 1999. Our most recent project together was writing curriculum for parents of children ages 0-18.

Jeff is thorough in the assignments given. Up front, Jeff takes time to research the writing assignment by contacting associates knowledgeable in the area of focus, contemplating the outline for the material. Jeff checks on all stats that are quoted by persons or material, making certain that the most up-to-date stats are present.

Jeff follows up his work by correcting any thing that needs correction or simply by giving his expert advice on why he thinks it should be the way he presented the material. His reasoning is always logical, valid, and on the money.

Jeff takes time to know his clients, their needs, and most importantly, the needs of the clientele the finished product will serve.
~ Deborah Bartosh, Region XIII ESC

 Jeff Sullivan offers a wonderful service that gives writers a second set of eyes. He has the experience and knowledge to ensure my ideas are expressed in meaningful and logical ways that follow the conventions of print. He is a gifted editor capable of catching the smallest details and posing questions to help me rethink a key word, phrase, or sentence that will lead me to just the right expression of my thinking. He is capable of detecting what I simply cannot see. This has simplified my life tremendously and allowed me to concentrate on my job – the creative side of writing. I would not hesitate to encourage any writer to seek his expert advice.
~ Dr. Mary Howard